Star Trek and Soul Slamming

June 1994

Warf, Counslor Troy and I were in my apt in Philly. We were sitting on the couch talking and suddenly, we were being thrown from side to side, as if the entire apt was being tipped back and forth.

I then remember being conscious of the fact I was dreaming and I dreamt I was lying on my back in bed and I still felt as if my weight was being tossed back sand forth. Not my weight , but like my soul was thrown side to side against the walls of my skin. It was unbelievably frightening and I woke my self up.

I awoke and for a few moments, still felt my being almost trying to tear itself out of my body it seemed. I was scared and had trouble falling back to sleep. It was 4:04 am. I made note of the time because it was a very powerful feeling.

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