Bart Simpson and Sex Paperwork

February 1994

Bart Simpson and I were riding bike in the same location Debbie dream house was. (This is a callback, or even part of the same dream with Debbie fucking the men, but it did not seem like it, even thought I dreamt them on the same night.)

We were riding down by the water, when we found an old house. We went inside and Bart turned into a very young John R/Matt Hagler person, like the two of them combined. The house was a shit hole, and down the hallway, I found a man trying to hide somethings in sheets. He walked out of the room, and I lifted one of the sheets and saw a gorgeous naked woman. She was really tan, brunette, with vary large and firm tits. I thought she was dead but she grabbed me. I started grabbing her tits and asked if I could fuck her, but she said no.

I looked up and saw another girl, blonde and a little on the heavy side. She said she would blow me if I filled out some papers. I did not have any papers so I said sure. I stood on the bed the other girls was lying on and faced a wall with a kitchen counter type cut out in it. She started sucking my dick through he opening while filling out some paperwork. She finished with the writing, crawled trough the hole in the wall and laid me down on the bed. She then began to rub my cock between here tits.

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