Olympic Gore

February 1994

I was on a bus with Dave G heading out towards where he was currently working on an ad shoot. There was also a couple with a little girl, and another lady. Dave sat up at the front of the bus, and myself at the back. The couple and child were in the middle of the bus on my left hand side, and the other woman directly opposite them. The bus was really short, so there were no empty seats.

Dave was talking to me over the other conversations when suddenly, the man of the couple, looked over at the toy horse the single woman was carrying and said, OOHHH, those are my favorite.

Dave was telling me about the star of the shoot who was the actor in the (real life) commercial for American Express which went to help hunger.

We got to the site and saw that it was just a large empty meadow with nothing around to see except a ladder in the middle reaching up to nowhere.

Behind us suddenly, was the manufacturing facility where he was staying for the duration of the shoot. He sat me down on this moving chair which would take you on a tour of the facility.

At one point in the tour, I was heading towards a large plywood table where arraigned upon it were thousands of drill bits neatly in order. The chair was out of control and I was about to make a great mess, but somehow I was able to wiggle around in the chair so that I passed right through the table like a ghost without disturbing a thing.

I went up to Dave’s room and there were a few people laying around as if they were partying too hard the night before. Adam K’s roommate was there, John R and Scott D were also there although I did not see Scott.

We turned on the Olympics and started watching as new event. It was a woman’s event and instead of ski jumping, you jumped with a quad. The ramp was only as wide as the quad, and wooden picket fences lined both sides.

One woman went down and immediately lost control. The quad crossed onto the fence and the woman started to get torn up completely by the broken wooden planks being smashed against her. Bones were breaking, flesh was being torn off, she was being stabbed, punctured, slaughtered – it was very graphic. As she hit the end of the ramp, she took off into the air, which was amazing because she could not have been able to remain on the quad, but she still had the presence of mind, being a professional athlete, to strike a pose. She was bloody, mutilated, but she opened her arms, lifted her head high and smiled. As she smiled, her head opened up in half, along the jaw line, spraying blood and brains everywhere.

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