Temples, Concerts & Star Trek: TNG

May 1994

I drove to my apt here and Steve L was standing in the lawn of the temple. I had a letter for John R but I did not want to go into the apt building. John moved out but Steve walked there anyway. I followed. Scott D & Caren lived there, as well, as Dave and Cork. I walked halfway there, and asked Steve to point out which apt was Scott’s. It was a top floor one, and I saw the window open and a lamp in the window.

I was at the slopes in the lodge and met a girl. She had a lot of freckles, brown hair and a very nice body. I went outside with her and there was a couch on the slope and we sat down and watched the going on. Below us, at the bottom of the hill, there were some old men playing golf. The girl lost her jacket and I was called away.

The next thing I know, there was a concert going on, folding chairs were set up and I was sitting near Mike. Griffel was also floating around, as well as Lisa Cooper. The girl I met sat down next to me and Lisa got pissed. I asked her about her jacket and she said she had to go all the way down the mountain then take a chair up to where she though she lost it. Because of this she could not remember exactly where she lost it so she could not find it.

Two guys were up singing something very good, a couple of bikers actually, and the whole crowd surged forward. Mike was leading the way. The barrier in front of the stage was pushed forward and some biker guys pushed us all back. I was leaving and I saw mike and another guy push forward and get crushed under some machine of some sort.

I was with Caryn L, Liz and a few other poeple outside a school? The old guy from Grumpy Old Men, Prizzis Honor, was passed out behind the wheel of his car. He also had a flat. It was still snowing and I changed the tire because none of the girls would. I got it changed started the car and woke him up anbd told him to drive home. He said he forgot how so I had to drive him. We made it out into the street, I was walking alongside the car and eventually we went back inside.

I was a part of the Star Trek crew. Pi card, Richer, Data, Gorde and myself were trapped in a shuttle craft orbiting a small, abandoned space station. The shuttle lost all power and we could not contact the Enterprise. I remember Picard give a speech about how people used to think that there was ‘something’ in space. That it was either hot or cold, warm or soft, but in actuality, it was none of that. I remember mouthing some of his words as he spoke them.

Gorde had a idea how to get away. Using one of our tricorders, we could force a large section of the station to eject a panel and send it crashing into us. The shuttle would withstand the blow, and it would force us halfway out of orbit. As the shuttle made a pass around the other side, another panel would hit us and cause us to break orbit when we would now have power and able to fly to the next station.

Picard said make it so. In a few moments, we started the plan and looking out the window, we saw a large black panel tumbling towards us. I said ‘2001’ and Picard said no.’ It hit us, then the next did, and we were out. I joke with Data that I thought of this plan a while ago but wanted to see if anyone else would. I said I was surprised at Data for not thinking of it.

We made it to a station, at it was packed with people. There was a main stairway and on each level, there were large bins sitting out with concert tickets in them. People of all kinds were in the process of swapping tickets for different concerts. We made our way to the top and saw a long line for food. I remember it being a futuristic Wendy’s. Picard told us he had some business to take care of and grabbed Ritcher and said they would be back in ten minutes, They told us to get the food. Obviously, he just did not want to wait in line. The camera rose above us, and Gordie started to get in line and I noticed he did not have his visor on. The screen went black, the producers name appeared.

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