Chugger Drive By

May 1994

I was back in my yard doing something when I looked across the river and saw a car drive by with Chugger in the passenger seat. I was amazed it was him, but there was nothing I could do. I went back to what I was doing. I looked up again, and now the car was driving on my lawn. It passed me once and I was sure it was Chugger. I stood up and waved my arms at the car. His mother was driving and she did not recognize me but I saw Chugger mouth to her, I know that guy! The car stopped and I yelled Chugger and he gave me a quick glance at his Mom and then back. He did not know my name until I told him. They both got out of the car and we walked around my yard talking about what he was doing now. His mom just bought him a restaurant. We talked for a bit longer and at one point, I saw Scuffy tied to the big oak.

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