Ted Dansen & Danny DeVito and Suicide Watch

May 1994

I was either watching tv or at the movies, but I was watching Ted Dansen and Danny Devito as roommates. Ted was afraid that Danny was going to commit suicide. Ted tried to talk him out of it and one idea he had was to take him fishing. The scene then cut to the two of them in a small rowboat on the ocean near an island. It must have been a tropical island, because the water was crystal clear and the sand was pure white. They were fishing when the boat suddenly turned over. They were both in the water when shark fins appeared. The fins were very fake looking, like a B movie, but they panicked just the same. Ted swam to the shore and Danny was left behind. The fins went right up to him, Danny screamed, then the fin left. Danny eventually made it to the shore and when Ted helped him out of the water, Danny’s leg was bitten and it looked like the bite in in Poltergeist.

The scene then changed and the two of them were now in bed in their apartment. They were talking about something and I could not make out what. Then, I finally realized that they were talking about the fact that I was contemplating suicide. (I was not in the dream at all up to this point) The ‘camera’ now panned across the room, and I saw myself standing at the top of the stairs. Now I was part of the dream. I told them not to worry, that I would not commit suicide and then left the apartment.

I was now sitting in my driveway in Oakland, well laying in it. On the ground was a miniature set of the show Santa Claus is Comng to Town. I was pretending to be the camera and was zooming and panning around the set real tightly. Each object I passed, from the doll of Santa, to a train to a snow bank, to a bundle of toys, each were less than and inch from my face. I remember thinking, Why am I so close, I can barely see them this close.

The next thing I know I was sitting up and had a string of beads tied to a tree nearby. I remember thinking that if Ted or Danny saw me I would say I was trying to hang myself. So there I was sliding beads back and forth when Babe ran up to me. I was very happy! She started to chase after the beads and slide them back to me. Suddenly the beads turned into Frisbees and I was now in my front yard having a frisbee catch with her. Babe then turned into Matt Hagler and we were having a soccer kick. He was my son and we were real close, so it seemed like we were brothers.

I kicked the ball into the street and it rolled all the way up to Lundgrens house. Matt ran up tot get it and started talking to a girl there and then began kicking it with her. I called him back but he did not come. He then for a second turned into Babe and I was mad that she did not come to me, she never did that. I walked up the street and Matt was Matt again. He said he should start loosening our bond and start hanging out with other people. One of the neighborhood families were sitting on their steps watching us, so I did not want tot argue in front of them, so I left.

I got home and walked to my back yard and Caryn and Dave were there on their deck. They called me over. Dave was cooking on a grill and Caryn was watching. Caryn said something and as I turned to her to answer her question, I caught a glimpse of Dave’s cock as it poked out of his shorts.

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