Craig T. Nelson

January 1994

Craig T. Nelson and my mom were being chased by some people.  They made their way to an abandoned house. It was night.  (I was not in this dream at all.. I guess I was just an observer in this dream. I seemed to follow them wherever they went, yet I can only recall this part.)

The house was gutted in some spots down to the studs. It was dark but somehow I was able to see their silhouettes. my Mom stood in the center of the room, and Craig was walking around the perimeter. He stopped suddenly, and my mom put her hands to her mouth. It was then I could see, through the studs, shadows of two figures moving towards the room. Sooner than I thought, one guy entered the room, and with a quick attack, Craig grabbed the guy and twisted his neck around and killed him. Before the body dropped to the floor, another guy, Spivey? from Dances with Wolves, came in with a knife. Craig saw him in time and the two sort of circled each other, each one with a knife in hand which reflected every no an then.

They fought for a while, each inflecting wounds to the other. Mom stood silent in the background. It was here I now saw strange images. I was watching the knife fight, but now there was colorful lights splashed in the scene. Reds and greens. It was as if there were pictures taken of the fight, taken in the dark, but later enhanced with colored highlights. The colors accentuating the eyes, the blood and the knives of each one. Suddenly, they both embraced each other in a deadly bear hug, and stabbed each other in the spine.

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