Fishing in Glass Walls

January 1994

I was fishing with someone, Keith, in a canoe on a sloped downwards to our left. I was in the back and paddling and Keith already had his pole out and fishing. I wanted to turn myself around and fish, but the canoe was unsteady. I finally got my pole out and we were catching fish.

I got a hit, and caught one, but my line was tangled with some other peoples lines. There was a woman in the water not too far from us who grabbed my line and untangled the mess saving the fish. She then got closer to the canoe and saw that I had been stung on my back and that the stinger was still in. I had my shirt off. She was a large woman with red hair.

I let her try to get the stinger out after Keith said yes, I had been stung. She tried for a bit and then I gave her a pair of tweezers I had in my pocket. It came right out then.

We paddled away, found some worms in a shallow part of the river, and when we came back to the spot we were at before, the sloped river became a sloped hill of mud. Keith and I tried to get the canoe up it, but it was just no use. We gave up and walked down the to the bottom.

When we got there, we saw that there was a river beyond forever stretching glass walls. The river in fact, came right up the to walls so you could see in to it.

I then realized, Keith was no longer there, that this was a huge house owned by a very beautiful woman. She came over to me and asked if I liked the river and I said i did and asked if fishing was allowed. She smiled and, pointing at the glass to lead my eyes to a small, multicolored fish, said that I would not like the fish in there. She nodded and then turned and walked away.

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