Crippled Fawn Girl

February 1994

I was at some school with a guy I did not recognize. We were walking by some windows and I was gazing upon the beauty of the surroundings when my eyes happened upon a rabbit cage. I then noticed that in the cage was not a rabbit but a fawn. The fawn was a crippled mess. The guy explained to me the the story of its present condition, but I cannot recall it.

Suddenly, Debbie & Cris Gerardi and I were responsible to the care of the fawn. We had to take it somewhere along this very treacherous winding road through the woods. Debbie had a jeep and was driving. As we went along, I noticed the fawn was now a little girl, still crippled.

We drove by a scene (this scene is a flashback to some dreams I’ve had before. Its a concert atmosphere, stage, lighting, but its outdoors and there is not a wall or ceiling or structure anywhere except the stage. There are a bunch of chairs lined up and that’s all. Each time I dream this scene, something different happens, but the initial scenery is identical.) We drove past this scene as we take the fawn/girl to where we are taking her.

We came to a 90 degree turn in the road, Debbie took it too fast, and the jeep went over. We all got out, checked the fawn/girl and saw that she/it was fine.

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