February 1994

I was in my bedroom in Oakland and my sister was home in hers. I called her to my room and within moments I had my cock out and was telling her to blow me. She did so a little then I began to kiss her and undress her. We were then in her room and I was taking off all her clothes. She was naked, then we appeared in the bathroom and I was fucking her. She did not know how to feel, she enjoyed it at times, at other times she was shocked and silent. She said no one was here, that she was a lone and Rene was out.(I don’t know a Rene) I asked if Rene got back if she would join us and Laure said yes.

She was on top and somehow, we both saw at the same time that I was fucking her in the ass. I did not stop but she did. She then got violent and ran out of the room. I caught up to her in her room, but she was about to hit me with something so I quickly woke up.

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