Drinkin’ ‘Till Xmas

Drinkin’ ‘Till Xmas

An old man, in a colorful coat
comes down my chimney and clears his throat
I’m on my back underneath the tree
passed out drunk and smelling like pee

I was up all night with my reindeer friends
Donnor, Blitzen oh the names never end
and Rudolph with his nose so red
only ’cause many blood vessel have bled

Drinkin’ ’till Xmas
I’m drinking again
Drinkn’ ’till Xmas
come join me my friend
Drinkin’ ’till Xmas
Until things become clear
Drinkn’ ’till Xmas
right on through the new year

So I poured a drink for St Nick and his crew
In the Holiday spirit its the least I could do
One led to another then things started to flow
We would’ve gone all night but he had to go

“A shot for the road!”, Santa had said
Then we got his damn reindeer tied to his sled
I stepped back, to watch him fly through the sky
he never had a chance, he’s caught D.U.I.


They shook Santa down, to the jingle of bells
then locked him away in a dirty little cell
all his gifts, were re-appropriated
This year Christmas won’t be celebrated

But the holiday spirit can’t be kept behind bars
the lawmen realized they took it too far
they let him go, and he left with his deer,
knowing full well who’ll get coal this year

I came to my senses underneath my tree
wondering if my thoughts were reality
but then I saw him through the window and heard him quite clear
“Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New year!”

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