Renaissance – (Listen)

I am a jester
looking for a court
full of bad jokes
feelin’ out of sorts

I am a jester
drank and laughed with Kings
drunken queens on the nightly news
think that they can sing

Cute little monkey
finally saw the light
left his home behind
took away his sight

Cute little monkey
crawled out from the water
built a boat
rode a wave of disorder

I am a jester
sat and watched him drown
was his big old brain
that finally pulled him down

he’d be a superman
on any other planet
slip, slide suicide
better luck with deicide

Olympus gone, Atlantis lost
monkey died upon the cross
roll the stone, toss the bones
monkey’s on the throne

Everybody thinks that they can dance
they’ll never get another change

oily pomp and circumstance
they’ll never be another Renaissance

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