Emergency 911

January 6, 1994

I was getting ready to go out for the night. I was pretty excited because I knew Debbie would come back to me. Debbie and I were sitting on the bed waiting for Scott to get dressed. He left the room and we spoke briefly about getting back together. It was a friendly conversation and I said “So do you want to give it another shot?” and she said she hated me and wouldn’t think of it. She said this very nicely however. I was very, very upset. Scott entered the room and she asked if he would go out with her. I was crushed.

Later, we went outside and saw a man completely engulfed in flames and simply walking straight ahead while spectators tried to put out the flames. (This is from the \emergency 911 I saw with Cork. He must have been in shock becaase he did not panic at all.

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