Inside Lakes and a Skinned Mouse

June 1994
Two people were on their bikes riding across lawns, on the treetops and through bushes towards my house in Oakland. I decided to join them even though I did not know who they were. We jumped from tree to tree, house to house, yard to yard. Finally we made it home and I jumped from my bike into a really thick tree. I climbed down from the tree and was covered in leaves and flowers and the two saw me brushing myself off and laughed.

The next thing I know, I was with my dad and we were on our way to a lake. I twas a real dirty lake and there were people out on it enjoying themselves at all. One husband and wife were out on a small inflatable raft and there was a seal climbing all over them, it was really bothering them. We drifted close to them and seal came over to us. I thought it was cute and played with it for a while.

I then swam to the other side of the lake to get something while my dad sat on the tube, and realized the lake was in a building. As I approached the shore, it was really just the corned of a room I was entering. Soon there was no water and I was walking across the floor towards an electrical outlet. I had to plug something in. As I bent down to do so, I saw the corpse of a mouse which had been skinned and a bear also dead. The skin of the mouse was cleaned ripped off in one piece and was positioned on the floor as if it was sitting up.

I made my way back to my dad, but he had drifted away and now I was at the other shore of the lake which was actually a couch under neath a window, a basement window. Two guys were sitting on the couch preparing to enter the lake and I was telling them about the mouse and its skin. I then climbed up to the window and out and saw that it was a small house that the lake was housed in and there were cops about to raid it. I leaned my head in the window and said the cops were here and everyone started to leave.

There was drinking going on and everybody just dropped their beer in the water, but my dad then filled his pitched up intending to take it out with him. As dad got to the window, a cop saw him and gave him a ticket. I had told him to drop the beer,and the cop heard me and said that is why he gave him a ticket.

We went home to out house and it was set up just like the lake house, but there was now no water. I sat on my bed and grabbed a book and watched tv. My dad was on the floor across the room.

Two guys climbed into the room through the window, one was Walt the bouncer from Acme bar, and they took up position on either side of me on the bed as if it was a public place. They got comfortable and sat and watched tv.

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