June 1994
I watched Ellen, then told her about it afterwards as we walked down near Castor Ave in the snow. Candice Bergen was the guest star and what happened was that Ellen and her were friends, not close, but friends. Ellen made a comment about skiing better than her so they had a contest. The only scene that related to that was towards the end, Candice met up with Ellen in the lodge and said she had beat her down the hill. Ellen said no way, she was there first. They argued, but then Candice admitted that she was lying and she lost, and last year she did the same things. They hugged and the show was over.

During the credits, Ellen was telling her friend about it and Adam put his whole leg through her key hole wrapped in pink cellophane and pretended it was a puppet. Ellen went over to it and talked with it for a while, then walked away. Adam opened the door, said she used to talk with it for hours, then he stormed away.

The credits rolled and it was like looking at a Excel spreadsheet and it had listing like:

Cast member attracted to same sex:




And a lot of other jokes, butt I cannot remember.

There was also a scene with her ex-boyfriend at a bar talking to a few guys. They were saying Ellen had come in a panic about being pregnant and called the cops and the ambulance and the fire dept. They were all mad, he said there was nothing he
could do about it. Then the bar owner kissed him on the lips.

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