King of of Frogs

February 1994

Another glass building which had a courtyard in the middle of it. It was night and snow covered the ground. Me and a few people were there, but I do not know whom they were or why we were there.

All I remember was that I had to leave the courtyard by running around its entire perimeter before running though an archway which led out into some woods. I just started jogging, not knowing why I had to leave, when I looked down and saw a couple of frogs at my feet, keeping pace with me. They were your average frogs except that they had very large, knife-like teeth and they were trying to slash at my Achilles tendon. I was wearing shorts and shoes without sock by the way.

I ran past several of them, but then saw up ahead a whole line of them defensively lined up before the archway.

I was trapped, I couldn’t jump over them, because they could out jump me, and to kick at them or step on them would mean knives in my feet. I did not know what to do.

Then, an a inspiration occurred to me. I quickly dodged to my right, and simultaneously with my movement, all the frogs made a huge leap, in unison, to their left. While they were in mid jump, I darted back to my left and out through the archway.

As I was running down the steps and into the darkness, I looked back over my shoulder and saw a lone frog sitting on top of the stair, watching me flee. We made eyes contact, and I thought that this frog must be their leader and master, and that there was still much more for his disciple to learn.

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