Letterman & NIN

June 1994

David Letterman was sleeping at my apartment in Philadelphia. We knew each other well, but hadn’t seen each other in a while for obvious reasons. We woke up in the middle of the night. I found him in my bed, and he got out to go to the couch. As he did so, I said something to him, a wise crack of some kind. He was very groggy with sleep. He wore a pair of grey sweat shorts and no shirt and was white as a ghost. He also had his glasses on. In response to my wise crack, as he was walking to the couch, he casually picked up a pile of my clothes and walked out of the door with them. I heard him walk up the stairs then out the front door. It was snowing out. He came back in moments later and just went to the couch and pulled a blanket up over his face.
The next thing I know, it was morning, and Dave G and Cork showed up. Letterman was still sleeping on the couch, and I put the NIN video in for them all.

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