Lincoln and the Third Reich

March 1994

There was a huge magic show. One of the big names was doing it. I was way back in the stadium watching it. There was a large stage set up with an elaborate background and lights and banners, etc. The magician, by just motioning his arm towards each object, pretending to gather it all up, was actually gathering them up and making them disappear.

He did this until the entire stage was gone. After his last trick, everything had disappeared and a small portion of the audience were now sitting in a small room. The front wall of this room was shelves full of books and I was standing before them. I was now the ‘star’. I did not know what to do. Someone from the audience said there were duplicate items matched in two different books and I had to find which ones and who the belonged to.

I grabbed onebook, I don’t recall the title, and opened it and there was a pack of gum in it. I took the gum and turned around and tossed it to dome guy in the first row. I have no idea what else to do. I opened another book and found a bunch of index cards about Lincoln in it. Just then, the magician entered the room, I was now watching from the last row again. He started talking about Linclon, and history and dates and walked towards a man in the audience as he talked. He grabbed another book off the shelf then asked the audience member what he name was. The guy said ‘Abe.` The magician then showed us the book he had in his hand, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reicht he opened it up and attached to the back cover was a pull out poster of Lincoln.

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