Jon Lovitz, Dana Carvey & Rusted Hooks

March 1994

Me, John Lovits and Dana Carvey were trying to rob a house. We found three large steel hooks and went outside to play with them. The house had a bi-level parking garage and we tried to hook them into the ceiling. Dana hit me with his, but it only grazed me. I told them both to be careful and they walked away like I was a spoiler of some kind. I then hooked mine into the ceiling, but they did not see it.

We went into the driveway and the owner was pulling in as we were trying to get the car started-it was rolling backwards. The owner, I think it was the boss in the Critic cartoon, jumped out of his car, but we now were driving away.

The car turned into a motorcycle, then Dana turned into John R. I was driving the bike with Lovits on the back, and John was following on another bike. We turned a corner and I almost crossed the yellow line and hit another bike coming the other way. John made me stop in the side of the road in some leave and what not, and we switched. I then took off alone on the bike now with John following.

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