Meat Slicer

April 1994

I was working in a deli and it was my first day. It was a small store, really small. I was working with a woman, Rutico? and told my employer I knew what I was doing, but I really had no clue. For a while, I just watched the woman work. Then the place got busy and I had to start making sandwiches. I went to the slicer and could not figure out how to use it. Initially, I really did not know what I was doing, now I did, but everything was so strange, I was clueless. The slicer was a huge contraption I just had no idea how to figure it out. Mark Inalli was there and he came over and lowered this huge arm and got me started. I was cutting for a moment and then brought my hand up to wipe my face and noticed I was bleeding. I had cut my forehead somehow. They then told me to go below and stock the shelves.

I turned and crouched to stock and Cork was there telling me to relax it was my first day and all. We were stacking things like lighters, flasks, deoderant, etc.

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