Robin Quivers on Eight is Enough

April 1994

It took place in a tv family household- I thing Eight is Enough. Me and four other family members, including the Mom, were looking for something, or possible a small family member. I do not remember what it was. It was pouring outside, but there were people coming and going looking for what/whoever.

Also, the police were called and on the way, and we had to find whatever before they arrived or we would all be arrested.

I was outside and saw a paddy wagon pull up. It looked like an old milk truck or ice cream truck. Robin Quivers was one of the search party and I told her that I would be right back, I had to go into a nearby store to look. I told her to drive around back and see what she could find and I would meet her there. I told her I would not let them take me until she returned. She gave me this sour look, like I had done just that moments ago.

I vaguely remember being in the store, it was a pet store, but nothing else is clear.

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