Naked in a Fisher-Price Car

March 1994

I was late for work and had to go to the supermarket. I looked up and saw that it was 9:00 and panicked but the girl said the clock was broken and said it was really six. I got to my car and was backing out of my spot and stalled. I was rolling and I looked and saw I was heading for a porsche, but it started up and |I was on my way.

The next I know I was driving with Adam in a toy car, a fisher-price thing, down a road with a narrow bridge. For fun and to scare Adam, I jumped the car up onto the railing. I drove along it for a bit, then jumped back down onto the road. I went to look at Adam and saw that he had fallen out of the car and was back on the road sitting on his ass. I stopped an laughed.

He got back into the car, it was a normal car now, and I looked down and saw that I was naked. The seat belt was covering everything, but I was naked just the same. Adam said something like ‘idiot’ but nothing more.

We were forced to stop of some reason and Marylin D was in front of us and now she came to the car to get my insurance. She laughed and walked away and then I realized I was still naked.

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