Dad and Sidewinder Snake

March 1994

I was at the beach with my dad and sister. It was present day. I was off on my own walking the beach and I saw a sidewinder snake. It was rather large and it passed within ten feet of me and climbed up a slope and into a nest. At the back of the beach there was a steep cliff of rock and brush, that is where the snake went.

My dad came over and saw me looking at it and asked what it was. I told him and he asked why it moved the way it did, he did not like it. I told him that the sand was too hot, and its how it
traveling enabled it to keep limited parts of its body off the sand.

We walked to the waters edge as we spoke. The conversation stopped and there was a lull, and Laura came up to us. I walked away. I walked towards the top of the slope and heard a public announcement that the snake’s nest was very near the parking lot so be careful and park there only if necessary.

I was now standing in the lot, near the snake nest, looking down at my dad, who was alone and looking out into the ocean.

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