Shedding and Defanging Snakes

May 1994

I was hiking through the woods with someone who I did not want to be with with at all, I think it was Lisa Cooper. I was way ahead of her and she was struggling to keep up but I did not care. The woods were very sparce, basically it was just a lot of undergrowth that came up to my shins and nothing else. Although the sun could barely make it through the roof of thick leaves, I saw no thick tree trunks, just a lot of little thin ones.

I walked on past a very long snake skin, one that he recently been shed. Passing this, I came across a deserted house. It was red and had the left and right walls and the roof in tack but nothing else. The rest was collapsed and grown over.

As I walked through, I looked up and saw a large portion of a very large snake hanging down from the roof. There was a hole and the mid-section of the snake had looped through it. I did not see the head or tail of the snake. It looked dead.

At this point. the girl caught up to me and begged me to go back home. She saw the shed skin and was scared I said OK and we turned to leave. I picked up the snake skin as we passed as a souvenir, I was about to continue, when a thought came to me; A real head would look cool on the skin. So, I went back to the house to find the snake’s head, the snake which was on the roof.

I reached up and grabbed the snake, figuring it was dead, but it was not. I pulled the snake towards me and its head appeared out of nowhere from anther hole in the roof. It was a huge head, about the size of a dog head. It lunged at me, but I had a knife with me and with one quick chop the head was mine.

I went back to my house in Oakland and saw Jamie in the back yard. I showed him the head and he began to defang it. he had a fang in his pocket which he took out now and showed me. He said it was the largest snake fang he had ever seen and he kept it for years. It looked like Babe’ toenails when they got long. He took the fang from the snake head and compared it to this one and we saw the fang he had was ten time larger. It was now the size of my middle finger.

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