Super Heroes Rumble

June 1994 –

In back of Caryn’s house in Oakland. I ran back to get away from someone (I’m always running or being chased) and two other people were back there. Possible Chris hagler and Dave L.

It was dusk and the light was slowly fading. The trees were real thick except in this one area where there were just a roof of branches and leaves and at various places thick vines hung down to the ground. There were 20 vines spaced pretty evenly in this small clearing. In an attempt to hide, I jumped on one of the vines, and climbed about 25 feet up, and the guy who was chasing me appeared. He looked like Rich V., but it was not him. He asked Chris and Dave where I was and they said they did not know. He then saw the vine move and looked up and saw me. He grabbed the vine and started to shake it to get me down, but suddenly the scene jumped forward a bit and I was sitting in a wrecked car in my backyard with a cartoon character, Courageous Cat. I looked out of the car and there were several cartoon characters scattered about the yard. There was Diaper Man, Underdog, a few other`s I can’t remember no, but I knew them all in the dream. They all claimed to be superheros – Dyno Mutt and the Blue Falcon – or so they claimed. Some were joke heroes like Hong Kong Phooey and Captain Caveman. One of them, I can just remember, wore all white and blue- a white cape, blue mask, gaggles, utility belt, the whole things,all color coordinated.

So, one at a time, one cartoon would set up in the middle of the lawn and be challenged by another to a fight. They would not actually fight, but a character would say, “I have this attribute, so I can beat you, etc”. There was never an argument and the next one would approach.

I was in the car first with Mighty Mouse. He was flying all of the interior of the car, really dirtying up the windshield. He finally left the car to take up a challenge. Courageous Cat was then next to me and he just kept saying that he was too old and the others would kick his ass.

Eventually he left and the blue and white guy came into the car. He just sat there and cleaned the windshield and said nothing.

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