Tasha Yar and the Snow Chase

April 1994

(I spoke to Stacy before going to bed and she said to try to dream of something nice tonight. She said she wanted me to wake with a smile on my face. I did as you will see, (Wake with a smile on my face) This is pretty scary…can I program my dreams?? Do I want to?? No!)

I was in the mountains at night in the middle of winder and I was being chased through the waist deep snow by some people It was pitch black and I had no idea who was chasing me or why. (I did in the dream, but I cannot remember now.)

Suddenly, the snow cleared for a stretch of clearing ahead of me about 50 yards wide. Across the clearing was a deep chasm, and on the other side of that, mountains and snow again. I reached ran into the clearing and looked back and saw a girl chasing me carrying a 20 ft pole.

We were making our way across the clearing slowly because it was covered with small rocks which made walking difficult. It was a slow chase. She fell and the pole she was carrying rolled over to me. I picked it up and used it to pole vault across the chasm and landed in the deep snow on the other side.

I sank beneath the snow, and like I was swimming, made may away from where I landed. I made it a few feet away when the girls and some other people jumped the chasm and approached me. They could not see me butt I could them through the snow. The saw where I landed and followed the trail I made-it looked like the top of a burrow.

I did not move as the girl closed in on me. She came to the end of the trail and figured I was around here somewhere and walked around my location just missing stepping on me. I realized she was Tashha Yar from Star Trek, feet came down next to my head, between my legs. Way too close.

Somehow, I was able to jump out of the hole and run to a house nearby. They all followed. The house had no doors and only one window which I used to enter. The house was full of many small room fitted together like a maze. There was two passageways in each room. I was running though each room while they chased me. I came to the last room and there was only a window in the wall. I knew if I tried to squeeze out I would be caught, so I jumped up to the top bunk of a bed and waited for the pursuers to enter.

At this point, I was not afraid anymore of being caught. In fact, it was now a joke, the entire chase and all, I felt I would even be congratulated on the good effort of the chase.

Soon, some of the chasers entered the room. All were guys who I did not recognize, They came in, saw me, laughed, then sat down and waited for Tasha to enter. When she did, it was no longer Tasha but someone else I do not remember now, but I did in the dream.

I jumped down from the bed, put my arm around her and walked out of the house laughing and smiling.

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