Typical Harrison Ford Action Dream

June 1994

I was swimming on a lake with Harrison Ford in Mexico.(The local due no doubt to the football game last night in Mexico City.)

We swam out to a small wooden dock and I climbed on. Harrison disappeared and then I realized it was a really big lake, you could barely see the shore. It was also overcast and the light was bad. A woman swam out to the dock and I jumped off back into the water so she could have it. It was a tiny dock. The water was very deep and I was terrified, but I got off anyway.

Harrison made his way back and suddenly…I was on shore near a garage. It was a sunny day and I was waiting for Harrison to get back, I was still in a Mexico, in a village now. I heard a loud noise and turned to look and saw a huge tractor trailer coming down the road towards the garage. I then saw two motorcycles coming the opposite way. Both were were heading insanely fast to the garage. I then realized that there was important equipment of some kind in the garage that both parties wanted, top secret stuff. I figured I should grab the equipment and then determine which party, if either, is the rightful owner. I grabbed all I could and ran out into the road. As the truck approached me, I saw Harrison lean out the passenger window and call to me. I got ready, and as he passed, I leaped into the cab of the truck. The driver was a guy who I’ve seen before in a few movies, a spanish looking guy, possibly the bad guy in Dalton’s 007. Anyway, he was now driving the truck.

We spun around in an incredible 180 degree turn, with the entire trailer and all right in front of the motorcycles. The chase was on. The truck made a vicious left off the road on on to a wooden pier. It, the pier, could not possibly hold the weight of the truck, but somehow we stayed out of the water below. We sped down the pier and the width narrowed. I was suddenly driving the truck, the former driver now in the back seat. He was playfully letting me drive even though we were in hot pursuit. The pier just kept getting narrower and narrower until a person could not fit between the railings. I told the guy we were going to topple in the water but he said it was ok.

I jumped out, Harrison leaped out and we swam away as the truck and its owner rolled off the pier into the water. The water was only four feet deep, so no harm was done. The water made the truck lighter and we righted it and took off.

We watched the motorcycles jump down onto the pier and race along the railing. They tried to leap across a stretch of water to get back to shore, but they could not make it and kept landing back on the same spot they started their jump from. If they could not make the jump, they would have to travel all the way back the way they came to get back to shore and they did not want to do this so they continued to try.

The three of us watched and the driver said that the trouble was that they did not have enough low end power. We do! he said.

We jumped into the truck. It was now just a real long flat bed, the trailer was gone. I was in the bed hanging on for life. He drove the truck down the pier, up on the railings then right over the motorcycles and made the leap across the water to the road. The motorcycles stood there and cursed us, they knew they were defeated.

So we sped down the road towards our destination. I suggested we hurry so we make it in time. As a reply, the driver said that during his record time, he could travel from the tree coming up to the next series of houses up ahead, about a miles or so, in the time it took for a stick of dynamite to go off. With that, hit lit a stick of dynamite and tossed it back in the flat bed with me. He was going to prove his statement.

Se we sped down the road, Harrison in the cab with the driver and me in on the flat bed with a lit stick of dynamite two feet away. All I could do was stare at the fuse and count my last moments on earth. Suddenly, from the cab, the driver yelled we did it! Get rid of the dynamite!! I was so frightened I could not move. Harrison reached his arm through the cab window and reached for the dynamite and could not get it. It rolled back and forth with the swaying of the truck and he could not get his hands on it. I was panicked, and could not move a muscle. Harrison’s hand finally grabbed it and tossed it over the side `. I was then able to reach down and try to grab for it.

I turned my head and watched the dynamite hit the ground, roll across the road and come to a stop under a vehicle which had stopped at a light. It was an old car, and antique. It blew up leaving a huge crater in the highway and no sign of anything else.

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