Hitler’s Paper Shredder and A Three Way

June 1994 –

I was with Louis and we were in Center City to catch a play or concert or something. We had some time to kill so we went to a building which was a cross between a museum / library.

It was relatively small and the walls consisted of large window which looked out upon the city. It was a during the day and it was very overcast.

I was reading the lining of a classical disk called Felwan or something close, about a winged creature which represented the AIDS virus. The liner notes talked about this character and the others involved and how they were related. Louis was sitting across the room reading something else,a map I think.

I took a break from my reading and looked at the two pieces of work situated in the room. Both were made of stone. One was a replica of Hitler’s paper shredder. It was 3 tall and wide, and had aDolPh carved in the side, capitalized as spelled. The other object was also a shredder but I do not remember detail.

Three business men walked up the stairs and entered the room, and seeing it, one of them turned to leave. The other two laughed at him as they sat down on the opposite side of the room.

Louis said it was time to go and I mentioned the Franklin Institute and he said we had no time for it, we should go directly to the film we wanted to see.

We went outside and started walking to the theater, and we were on a boardwalk. There wee three kids playing jacks and each time they rolled them out, the winds blew them too far apart to really get a good game going.

It was at this point Caryn L drove by. She stopped and we got in, she was to give us a ride. She said had to wait where she stopped for two friends of hers. Just then two very attractive girls, both petite, got into the car. Louis was in the front seat and the girls got in back with me. No, one of the girls got in back the other in front.

I was incredible attracted to both of them. The one in the back wore a black skirt/dress type outfit, very tight fitting and looked great. She had blonde hair and wore sunglasses. the other was dressed similar.

I told her to stop near an adult book store and went in but it was only soft core stuff.

During the ride, the girl with me in the back told me they wee from Canada visiting. We joked around,and there were a lot of sexual innuendos thrown around. One in particular, I was learning forward to talk with Caryn for a moment, and the girl, I never got their names, wanted to ask which side if the seat I wanted to sit on. She asked, Do you want the top or the bottom? She then said, I mean, I want the top. She looked almost embarrassed and I said You can on top.

We drove for awhile, we scratched the movie idea and as we drove down one street, we saw Dave G washing windows like a bum. He appeared he was doing it for charity or something, as we passed I knock `ed on my window, he saw me, but I guess could not
get a good look and turned away.

We got to the hotel /restaurant type place and while Caryn and Luis arraigned things, me and the girls started playing around in the ‘lobby’. It was more like the back room of a supermarket. There were cardboard boxes everywhere and we started throwing each
other into them. We then splayed some hockey with a masking tape puck and a couch for a net. It was a very physical game and we laughed and laughed. A few other people came in, but we did not care. At one point, the girl who sat in the front seat was on my back. A man sat and watched us and I went to flip her on the couch, I did and we all laughed.

Caryn and Luis came back and we all got a large room to stay for the night, but the girls and I got our own room. I went up and poured the wine, tipped the bell boy and what not, and in a few moments, the girls entered with bags of supplier for the evening. All I saw out of the tops of the paper bags was toilet paper.

They both went into the bathroom and I fixed the drinks and waiting for them. They came out and we made our way to the couch. We turned on tv and put a Jeff Bridges movie on. They sat down on the couch on either side of me and I asked them if they had done this before and they said yes. I told them to be gentle. I knew we had sex, but the only thing I remember was one point when I was standing next to a mirror and I had on only sweat pants. They girls were naked and they stood on each side of me and each stroked my cock which came out of a hole in the pants. It was incredibly hot. The next day they asked me for my number and said next time they were in Phila they would definitely call me.

I then got in the back seat with both of them and waited for Caryn to get into the car.

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