Willow Movie Poster in the Bathroom

April 1994

I was in the street in front of Hagler’s house involved in some activity (I remembered all day, did it write it down, now have forgotten) I was gathering something and I walked towards the Hagler driveway and realized that Laura was now living with Sue and I actually felt bad for her, for Laura.

I looked down the street, and in front of Liebermans, David Letterman and Paul S appeared and started to tell jokes. I walked a bit closer and the next thing I know, I was on the show. There was then a bit, and all the writer’s came on stage and after it was over, they stayed where they were and just milked jokes among themselves, but I thought it was for my benefit. They were all walking around me, continually doing laps, and as they passed me they added another joke. The show then officially ended and I was led out of the studio into a hallway.

It was really crowded and I then realized that I had to go to the bathroom. I was following two girls who I knew had to go as well. I passed one door which said girls, then another which said both, which the girls entered, then passed another which said mens.

I went in and it was a mess, but I had to go so I did. The stalls were on the right and they were only walls waist high. There were four of them and you could see over the tops of each one. The door were on one end, and the toilet was about 15 feet into the long narrow stall. No one was in the bathroom so I opened up the door and too impatient to walk the distance, I was going to piss right there into the stall and onto the floor.

Before I could start, another guy walked in (By the way, the stalls, the tiles on the floor and now this guys shirt were all the color blue) He walked in and went right to the farthest stall, walked in to the toilet and started to piss. I watched him the whole way out of the corner of my eye and then realized I should not just stand here and piss. So I zipped up and crossed the room behind me to the sit down toilets. There were now stalls at all. I stood there waiting and nothing happened. Stage fright I guess. Little drops came out every now and then but nothing else.

The guy came out and for some reason now, maybe because Letterman talked about the Simpsons or something, but he asked me about the Simpson’s. I was still just standing there trying to do something-he asked “So there have been ten Christmas episodes huh?” In the dream, I knew that they had been on ten years, but the first year, they did not do a special, so I said, “No. There are only nine. They did not do one in the first year”. He said, “huh” and washed his hands then walked out.

As soon as he left the room, the piss exploded out of me. I stood and pissed and pissed and pissed. I was looking around at the walls and the like when suddenly (I knew I was in a dream-lucid. I have been thinking for a couple day as to whether or not I hear sounds in my dreams. Now, this dream I did. Whether I have in the past and now just realized it, or am now ‘opening my ears’ in my dreams is unknown.)

I was standing there pissing, and I heard the thunder of a charging horses. I looked at the wall directly in front of me and there was on the wall a movie poster for the movie Willow. Only it now came alive. It was a scene of battle at night. There was a dark silhouette of a mountain in the center of it. Torches were flickering in both lower corners. At the top of the poster was the blue sky seen just before the dark night completely takes over. The fire from the torches in both corners now spread upwards and outwards in the foreground casting orange light on the scene at the base of the mountain. There was a great warrior on a horse, dressed like the Bad knight in Willow and I now hear the crackle of the flames, the battle cries of other knights and the loud hoof beats of oncoming horses. I did not see these horse yet, but the entire scene of the poster was shifting and changing and rearranging as to allow a good view of these horses. Suddenly, they appeared from the right side of the poster. They charged in. A whole army of horses and with flaming arrows, large swords catching and reflecting the flickering light, the rising of dust from the earth-all this was suddenly playing out before my eyes as I stood and pissed. I quickly looked to see if anyone was in the room with me but I was alone.

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